Metallo Design Limited

It’s exciting to be involved at the birth of a new business and for Metallo Design Limited we there right from the start.

Two entrepreneurs had spotted some incredible sculptures made from recycled old motor parts whilst on vacation and decided to see if there was a market them in the UK. The sculptures have massive scale at 3m tall and weighing around 600Kg so provide huge impact for the person who has everything and for companies so they decided to make the available for sale or hire.

They were struggling for a suitable name for the business that was also available as a domain and following a long list if ideas from Greenhouse they decided on Metallo Design Limited – metallo being Latin for metal – and so the company was born. Greenhouse created a strong identity for the business and organized a photoshoot for marketing the sculptures. We then designed a very visual website.

It’s early days for Metallo Design but we hope to help them become a successful, long lasting business.

Check out the Metallo Design website by clicking on the logo here: