About Us

Greenhouse is a full-service marketing agency with offices in Romford, Essex. Most of our clients are based in the Essex and east London.

Greenhouse was founded in 2003 by Bob Clark after years working in senior, client marketing positions and running a central London communications consultancy. Head of creative services is Colin Metcalfe who was senior creative in several London advertising agencies.

Greenhouse is not your typical marketing agency. You’ll find us down-to-earth and straight talking, we won’t try to baffle you with jargon. We’re not egotistical, creative types who have tantrums if you don’t like our ideas. We believe promoting our client’s business is more important that promoting ours. Many of our clients are SME’s but we work with larger clients too. For some we are their business partner developing marketing strategy and creating promotional material. For others we are their marketing department.

Our client list stretches from Miami to Southend but we specially enjoy working with local businesses. We are members of several local business networks and support the local Chambers of Commerce in Havering, Brentwood and Essex.

Bob Clark

Bob worked in senior positions on both sides of the fence as a client and an agency man.

He was Advertising Manager for WH Smith, Marketing Manager at Casio Electronics and Head of Retail Marketing at EMI Records before being headhunted to run the client services departmen at Covent Garden marketing consultancy Sears &Nalson. His clients included household names such as Sainsburys, Superdrug, NatWest Bank, National Lottery, Halfords, Woolworths, Ladbrokes, Samuel and many other blue-chip organisations.

Bob didn’t take any of his existing clients with him to start Greenhouse so it began at client-zero. Over the last few years Greenhouse has been trusted by many wonderful clients both large and small.

Our current estimates are that Greenhouse has helped over 60 new companies launch themselves into the world with sparkling new identities, has helped one client grow sales from £60m to £150m, seen several schools grow up nicely and dozens of other clients successfully grow their businesses with the support of Greenhouse’s marketing expertise.

Colin 'Reg' Metcalfe

Colin joined Greenhouse at the outset, having worked in Ad agencies in central London for 15 years.

His experience comes from working for agencies for clients such as Warner Bros., Disney, BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, GSK, Bass, DeWalt, Tesco, Mothercare, Stakis Hotels, the Met Police  and the Royal College of Midwives as well as much smaller companies and budgets. His design work has been approved by the likes of Prince Charles and Clint Eastwood.

He is also an accomplished illustrator, retoucher and watercolour artist – winning the prestigious Frank Langley Prize in 2010 and again in 2017. His paintings are in private collections worldwide.

After designing and illustrating a film poster for the legendarily difficult-to-please Michael Winner, Colin was asked if he would retouch Mr. Winner’s personal photo albums. The offer was very politely declined.