Greenhouse began life in 2003 by Bob Clark and Colin Metcalfe after years of working for London agencies.

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We offer a complete range of marketing and creative services.

Branding, Logo design, Brochures, Leaflet, Posters, Signage, Displays, Exhibitions, Websites, Augmented Reality, Advertising, Video, Photography and Printing.

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We are a marketing and design specialist
located in Romford
working with clients in London & the south east.


One of our clients summed it up for us…

“I’ve never worked with a design company that is so creative, organised and professional, who understood my business so well, was so easy to work with and made me feel excited about my own business.”

Our services...


As a full service marketing agency, we integrate across all media tailoring our service to meet the specific needs of your business allowing us to focus on your core business issues. By working across design, print and online we cut out unnecessary overheads and deliver more effective, better value marketing.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Creative Services

Print & Production

Design for print

We are experienced in all aspects of design for print, from brochures and ads to exhibition stands and vehicle livery

Design for print


Signage & P.O.S.

Online Design

Since the dawn of the digital age we have been building websites and marketing online.

Websites/Digital Marketing


Augmented Reality (AR)

Being social....

Our Blog...
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Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you whatever your need. Don’t be shy, we’re very friendly and we don’t assume you’re going to give us your business just because you’ve contacted us. It’s down to us to show you why you can trust us with your business.

Greenhouse Marketing Services Ltd.,
1st Floor, 5 Old Mill Parade,
Victoria Road,
Romford RM1 2HU
07702 379 538